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8 Steps to an extra “Ong” CNY

We could all use more luck in our lives. With the Lunar New Year right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to up the good fortune. Here are 8 simple steps to usher in the auspicious vibes.


Step 1: Clean the House

But only before New Year’s Day. Any cleaning done on New Year’s Day washes away good luck. Until then clean to your heart’s content. Doing so will rid your house of any huiqi, or inauspicious breaths, collected over the year.


Step 2: Deck the Halls

After you’re done ridding the unlucky dirt, spruce it up with some good luck decor. You may consider some banners of spring couplets, short poems which often accompany well wishes. The poems generally celebrate the beauty of nature or express “wishes for a happy and prosperous future.”

Flowers are also a must have around the house. Apart from the well-known “love”, roses also stand for richness and abundance. Eternal Roses - real roses that last for years - signifies longevity. While looking good is important, smelly great makes an even bigger difference to uplift the home ambience. Mireille Bespoke Eternal Roses are infused with natural rose essential oil. A simple bouquet at your front door foyer will be sure to usher in all the good fortune and luck you’ll ever need.

We recommend Blossom of Fortune & Blossom of Spring bouquets. Stately and sophisticated, these arrangements are comprised of our signature Eternal Rose infused with rose essential oil to fill your home with the heavenly scent of rose garden.


Step 3: Wear Red

Red is a good luck color in general in Chinese culture, and you’ll see it a lot of it during the New Year. In addition to luck, it symbolizes happiness, vitality, and long life.

Depending on your Chinese zodiac, your lucky color may differ. In any case, avoid wearing monochrome fashion: White or black clothes are barred as these two colours are traditionally associated with mourning.


Step 4: Give, and you will receive

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

It has been a long-standing tradition during Chinese New Year to give AngPaos to the younger as a blessing.

Let’s not forget to give to our elderly as well, as a token of appreciation and a reminder to cherish our loved ones. We may not always be there with them, but we can show our love and care through actions.

Give the gift of élégance, health and fortune, our exclusive Limited Edition CNY 2022 Prestige Gift Set is the best choice for that esteemed someone this Chinese New Year.


Step 5: Fill up your rice jar

Rice has always been a staple food in Chinese tradition. Having a full jar of rice signifies abundance and health for the whole year round.


Step 6: Something Gold

Gold symbolizes extravagance, wealth, and riches. Pearl, on the other hand, signifies wisdom and elegance. The perfect combination to welcome good luck and God of Prosperty “Cái Shén Yé” in the coming year of Tiger.

We recommend the latest Mireille Bespoke Bijoux Collection - Le Perle - which simply means the pearl. Made of genuine fresh-water pearls in 24K Yellow Gold. Available in necklace, bracelet and earrings. Get the full set for guaranteed extra “Ong”.


Step 7: Something Shiny

New Year is all about starting anew, with new hopes, new strength, new clothes, new shoes… Adding something shiny and new will definitely spice up that CNY OOTD with positive vibes.

And honestly we can’t think of anything shinier than our latest launch of Bijoux Sophistiqué Diamond Ring - a 2.0 Carat CZ Diamond with clarity VVS1 in color D. Available in 24K Rose Gold and 24K White Gold Rhodium-plated.


Step 8: Enjoy every moment

Spend it with your loved ones and enjoy every moment of it. Carpe Diem. Choose the good vibes and spread positivity. After all, what’s more important than happiness?

Mireille Bespoke wishes you a Prosperous Lunar New Year blessed with joy, health and wealth this year of Tiger.

Discover Mireille Bespoke CNY 2022 Collection.

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