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How to Propose Marriage: Top Tips and Trends

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Asking someone to marry you is probably the most important question you will ever ask. It’s not easy, and the pressure to create the perfect proposal has never been higher. Long gone are the days of simply getting down on one knee would suffice. The trend for creative, extravagant and original proposals are on the up, think fireworks, performances, magic tricks, even the treasured family pet, all playing a part. And lets not forget the most important things - the flowers and the ring! Whether you and your other half are up for the lavish or the minimalist, here are some tips to guide you through this very important moment in life.

1. Be Yourself

This is one of the most important things to be kept in mind. The girl should accept you for what you are. You should keep it simple and sweet while asking her out and pop the question naturally.

2. Put family first

You're about to take the first step in inviting them to be your new family, so extending the respect to your partner's parents by asking permission first will go a long way in showing them that you care about their feelings too. Even if they're not that traditional, it starts your engagement off on a good foot. The same rule applies to when you are basking in your proposal glory; telling family first, ahead of social media posts and friends is a nice way to build a strong foundation between your respective clans. You've decided to become family, so you may as well start now!

3. Be thoughtful

The story of how you proposed is going to be re-told A LOT, so do make sure that it’s a story worth telling. This doesn't mean it has to be wildly adventurous or cost a fortune but it should feel like you have put some serious effort into it. Get it right and it’ll be one of your favourite memories to share with the grandchildren.

4. Bend down on your knees:

This maybe one of the oldest ways to ask out a girl but it will sure shot turn out to be a winner. Women love their men to be chivalrous. A red rose in hand will be an icing on the cake.

5. Take her out to dinner at a nice place and make her feel special

When it comes to getting down on one knee and popping the question, ambience is everything. Plan ahead. Find out what she likes, make reservation and make special arrangements. Get some of her favourite songs played there, order something exquisite, and decorate the table with exquisite roses would be sure to make her feel all the love. Alternatively, plan a memorable location like where you first met to revisit the lovely memories of how you fell in love.

6. Do keep it a secret

Loose lips sink ships goes the old wives' tale, so try to limit the number of people you tell prior to popping the question. You're playing a risky game of it getting back to your love, and, if it does, they may feel like the last one to know, which will leave them feeling deflated when the time actually comes.

7. Plan what you wear

The last thing you want is the ring box bulging through your skinny jean pocket, prompting at best, a lot of stares and at worst, them guessing way before you’re ready to utter the magic four words. Wear something comfortable, with big pockets and no holes in them (this is pretty key!) and it will significantly reduce your stress levels leading up to your big moment.

8. Design your very own Everlasting Bespoke Flowers

A romantic proposal would never be complete without flowers. You can now design you own customized box bouquet with her name, initials, or you can even spell out "marry me?" in box bouquets, for that extravagant entrance! Roses are typically the most popular flower for proposals, symbolizing passionate love and romance. What is better than fresh roses are the Mireille Bespoke Everlasting Roses - real roses that can last for years! You can now keep this moment with you as an everlasting memory, forever.

Visit Mireille Bespoke to custom-make your everlasting bouquet for that special someone now.

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