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Mother’s Day Tips to Pamper our Mummy Dearest.

The first person who taught us love by loving us unconditionally, the person who gave us life and took care of us - our mothers. May is coming soon, which means it’s the time to celebrate Mother’s Day by showing our appreciation to mothers.

Even though most mummies always say no or think it’s a waste of money whenever you buy her something, deep down inside she is really happy, as she knows it is a symbol of love.

However, the struggle of finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is real. Especially for 2021 when even though parts of life are somewhat back to normal, the typical Mother's Day celebration like vacation, a spa day, or a party are still not viable options this year. So what's a doting, long-distance—or socially distanced—daughter or son to do to honor the most important woman in their life?

Here we prepared a list of best recommendation for expressing your love this Mother’s Day 2021!


No girls say no to flowers ever, and mothers are no exception. Flowers represents joy, celebration, appreciation and love. What’s better than fresh flowers are Eternal Flowers that are made of real flowers but can last for years! How is this possible? With the latest European technology in preserving flowers, Mireille Bespoke specializes in making eternal flowers by removing the fluid (which causes flowers to decay) and replacing that with rose essential oil and non-toxic colorant. No preservation, no plastic. It is also hypoallergenic because pollens are removed as well in the process. Voilá, real flowers that last for years, with a scent of subtle yet pleasant rose essential oil that will put a smile on mummy’s face for a long time. View our full collection here.


Moms have been the one cooking for us since we were born (and maybe still is), so it’s about time we took the frying pan into our own hands and take over the kitchen for a day! Whether it is a traditional family recipe, her favorite meal, or your signature dish, whip up a full course just for your mom, and I’m sure she will love it.

Pro tip: Make sure to clean up the kitchen afterwards too!


Simply because she will never spend it on herself. Mothers (my own mom included) will always prioritize in spending on the family over treating herself. Always so selfless, always an unconditional giver. Now is the time for us to buy her that precious jewelry she deserves. Mireille Bespoke Bijoux Collection, intricately designed, minimalist concept. Made of 14K Yellow Gold IPG double electroplated for durability. Our latest design comes with a unique Personalized Alphabet pendant made of real CZ Diamonds. Choose her an alphabet that represents her, not as your dad's Mrs., not as your mom, just her as herself. #shedeservesit

Shop here now.


Songwriters have long been writing touching lyrics about mother’s love. Make her a playlist of best Mother’s Day songs to remind her just how much you appreciate her. Download it on her phone so that she can listen to it anytime. “The Best Day” by Taylor Swift and “A Mother’s Love” by Juris are some of our editors pick.


Sometimes words are easier to be written than spoken. Express your true feelings for your mom by hand-crafting a simple yet meaningful wish card, just like you did when you were in elementary school. Colorful Sharpies, stickers, gold dusts, bring them on! Walking moms down memory lane will for sure make her feel loved and touched. Alternatively, leave the job to Mireille Bespoke, as we include a personalized greeting card, free of charge, for every Grande, Petite, and Solitaire order.


This is the best recommendation on our list for obvious reasons - an Eternal Rose that last for years, infused with essential oil for the lasting scent that soothes, topped with a real 0.5 carat CZ Diamond in 18K Yellow Gold pin in 6-claws Prong setting, an exquisite necklace from Mireille Bespoke Bijoux Collection made of 14K Yellow Gold IPG double electroplated for durability, and a personalized Alphabet pendant made of CZ Diamonds, all in a unique designer box for the most sophisticated presentation. Flower, jewelry in gold and diamanté, now you’ve got them all covered in one box. Shop here now.


If you have children, don’t forget to celebrate Mother’s Day for your children’s mother too, for she’s the one who made you a father. Especially if your children are still young, celebrate Mother’s Day by getting her something special, as a token of appreciation for the sacrifices she made, and for building a little family with you. Shop here now.


If you are a mom and you are reading this, go ahead and buy yourself something NOW. You deserve to pamper yourself too, and there’s no one who can tell you otherwise. #yougogirl

Shop here now.

"We are born of love; Love is our mother," - Rumi.

Click here for Mireille Bespoke Mother's Day Collection 2021.

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