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Eloise - Smart and self-loving.
From Mireille Bespoke Duchess Collection.

Inspired by his and her Grace and all those who danced elegantly at le Soirée, the Duchess Collection is a Regency-themed collection that promises to bring out the most sophisticated yet refined side in us.


Classique Mono Turquoise Petite.

Delicate and refined, Mireille Bespoke Petite Collection includes 16 carefully-selected large Eternal Roses, exquisitely arranged in our signature 18x18x16cm square box, suitable for any occasions, anytime, anywhere.


  • As all Mireille Bespoke arrangements are specially curated upon order, we require 1 week of order in advance (or 2 weeks for Couture range) in order to ensure the best quality in everything that we do, so do plan for you special day ahead! Having said that, express arrangements can be made upon request and at additional charges, contact us to discuss!

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