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"5th Valentine's with my romance, my best friend & the man who stood by me. Didn't expect this beautiful surprise that would last a long time, I'm so touched,"

Becca Lee


"The best part is it's hypoallergenic and pollen-free. I keep Mireille Bespoke in my room and it makes the whole place smell really fragrant,"

Gan Mei Yan

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"My favorite color is red and I absolutely love how vibrant and bright the Eternal Roses are. I also love that they can last for years, eternalizing important moments in my life,"

Carrie Lee

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"I love this bouquet of flowers because it's everlasting and I can cherish every bit of it and smell it every time I walk past,"

Choo Mei Sze


"I feel so appreciated to receive personalized gifts from Mireille Bespoke, very exclusive and tasteful, love it!"

Diana Rafar


"I wanted Mireille Bespoke to be part of my home decoration after our anniversary celebration. One month later, these flowers still look fresh, and even smells just like fresh flowers, amazing!"

Vinoth Raj Pillai

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"I personally love essential oil, so Mireille Bespoke Eternal Roses that are infused with natural rose essential oil is perfect for me,"

Joey Chun


"I'm completely obsessed with my Bespoke "J" bouquet and I'm still amazed that these are actually real roses that can last for many years, thank you my love,"



"Mireille Bespoke Eternal Flowers makes me feel so special, just like the bouquets that are individually designed, each is unique on its own,"

Claire Ng


"I was captivated by the beauty of these lavish eternal roses. They said diamonds last forever, these lovingly crafted Mireille Bespoke bouquets are the diamonds of all roses,"

C Mei Kuan


"They grow up so fast, I'm glad that I can keep this moment when Hannah turned one in this customized Eternal Flowers as a keepsake forever,"

Joanne Wan

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"When I saw this customized bouquet in my initial J, and my favourite color, I immediately fell in love. Such a unique and thoughtful gift!"

Joanne Ang

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